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Home-Repair-ServicesConcrete Cleaning- Every year, you go through the garage and chuck out the old, rusted bicycle parts and the broken garden tools. But if you really want to clean up that space, concrete cleaning is a great way to make your garage or driveway look like new.

Fence Repair– Regular maintenance helps protect your fence from the elements, but when damage, shifting ground or exposure take their toll, repairs may be in order.

Fence cleaning & Staining– American Painting & Deck care knows what is expected with a cleaning and/or staining job. We pride ourselves on performing your job on time, done right. So when you bring American Painting & Deck care in for a cleaning and/or staining job, we work hard to bring the level of detail and professionalism that you expect.

Dock cleaning & staining–  American Painting & Deck care also specializes in Dock Pressure Washing, and Waterproofing Stain/ Sealer applications. Over time the boards on docks and walkways will warp, cup, check, peel, split, and splinter. The staining / waterproofing of docks takes special care, because the ingredients in most stains are  damaging to marsh life. We use product specifically designed for Docks and the harsh conditions they endure. Salt, moisture, temperature and constant U.V. rays exposure can take its toll in just a few short years. The coatings we use are designed specifically for marine environments. The advanced 100% acrylic deep penetrating formula saturates the wood to deliver complete protection from the elements.

Wood rot repair and replacement– If your home has wood trim, chances are there is some degree of wood rot on it.  The rot will either be very noticeable or concealed in hard to see places or concealed under a thin layer of paint.  If you have rotted wood then be aware that it has to be repaired or replaced to prevent water, air and/or bug infiltration into your home.

Door replacement- American Painting & Deck care interior and exterior door replacement service put the best door systems within reach. ENERGY STAR-rated custom entry doors provide security, peace of mind and energy efficiency.

Trim installation- Interior trim helps define and outline any room by highlighting features from floor to ceiling. Trim is available in a variety of different materials, styles, and finishes, all tailored to match your home’s interior style and design for a naturally cohesive appearance.

Pressure Washing- Whether we pressure clean your roof, acrylic seal your driveway or marble patio or waterproof your wood deck, we will treat your home with care, respect and the attention to detail that you deserve while giving you the finest quality workmanship that you expect.

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